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The Bizerkeley Vegan and Festival Season with Erika Hazel

Vegan Festival Season is here! Today Hope chats with Erika Hazel. Erika is a popular social media influencer and food blogger known as the Bizerkeley Vegan. Erika became The Bizerkeley Vegan after she transitioned to the vegan lifestyle and the name comes from her love of everything others see as bizarre or unique about Berkeley, California. Erika organizes the Bizerkeley Food Fest and she and Hope talk about the importance of vegan food fests for building community, supporting small businesses, and showing pre-vegans how good plant-based food can be.

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Food Critic Erika Hazel On Black People Having Influence In The Vegan Food World

I talk with Erika Hazel about creating the brand, Bizerkeley Vegan; keeping the focus on Black Vegan business and how George Floyd’s death changed the tone of her brand.

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Real Talk with Grace Redman

Real Talk with Grace Redman features conversations with incredible people from her circles and community who inspire others with their fierce fabulousness! Grace is a Success and Transformation coach who works with individuals to diminish their anxiety and negative mental chatter, boost their confidence, achieve their goals, and increase their prosperity mindset. Get ready for a series of anything-goes conversations with remarkable men and women that will get you jazzed for life’s unlimited possibilities of growth, joy and fun!

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Magazine Features

Veg News Magazine 2023 Best of Vegan Issue

Our 3rd in-print magazine feature, 2nd for Veg News! Grab your copy on newsstands today!

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The 2021 Black Vegan Issue (#125)

Erika Hazel was featured in the 2021 Black Vegan Issue of VegNews magazine as a Black Vegan sharing her decision to go vegan.

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